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Due to high demand and production times all orders placed after 11/23/21 will not be shipped out till after the New Year.   Thank you for the interest in our products and feel free to email us if you have further questions.  

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Polartec 300 hats are the perfect way to keep in the heat.

Bucket Hats are two layers of fleece around your head and when you fold up the edges that is 4 layers of warm cozy fleece wrapped around your head.

Arctic Ski Hats have a second layer of fleece around your ears and back of the neck creating a built in ear band.  The Arctic Ski Hat has fleece chin ties on it to keep it securely on your head while you are swooshing down the slopes.

Nordic Hats  are similar in looks to the Arctic Ski Hat but have a second layer of fleece throughout the whole hat to keep your head nice and warm.

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