Do you need your gear repaired or a zipper replaced?  Apocalypse Design, Inc does repairs from simple to complex on your gear, whether it was made by Apocalypse or by another  manufacturer.


Tent and Sleeping Bag Zipper Repairs We use YKK zippers for all of our zipper repairs and can replace zippers in many different items.  We use #5, #8 and #10 plastic zippers in black and do have a #10 brass zippers as well.  Below is the starting prices for many of the items we can replace zippers on.  If you do not see your item on the list feel free to call and inquire about replacing your zipper or getting your gear repaired.

——–Prices are subject to change without the website being updated (In the case that I forget to update website)———–

  • Standard Parka/Jacket (Under 30 inches) – $43.00
  • Oversized Parka/Jacket (Over 30 inches) – $58.00
  • Brass Zippers (Under 30 inches ONLY) – $58.00
  • Pockets – $35.00 +
  • Leather, Fur or Heavy Duty Fabric – $58.00 +
  • Childrens Parka (Under 22″) – $34.00
  • Bib Front  – $45.00
  • Pant/ Bib Leg  – $45.00
  • Pant Fly  – $40.00
  • Leg Gaitor – $22.00 +
  • Tent – $48.00 +
  • Sleeping Bag – $68.00+ *always replaced with a #10
  • Backpack and Duffle Bag Zippers – $30.00 +
  • Ski Boot – $45.00 +


We can patch up your gear so that it will last you another season or another 10 years, we use a variety of materials including Cordura, Ultrex, Polartec 300 Fleece or Fire Resistant Nomex.  We can patch up your parkas and bibs, tents, sleeping bags, suitcases, backpacks, sno-go covers and other random items.  Patches start out at about $8.00 and go up from there and to get a good firm quote it is best that we look at the item.

There are many other types of repairs that we can repair and if you have any questions feel free to call (907)451-7555 or drop by the shop at 201 Minnie Street.

If you are mailing in an item for repair please include a detailed message about the repair you are looking for, a phone number where you can be contacted for payment information and questions and a return address.

Please mail your items to:

Apocalypse Design, Inc
201 Minnie Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701